I spent months planning my wedding. No, that’s not true. I spent years. Awe, hell. The truth is I spent most of my adult life planning my wedding.

Many brides do. I had all kinds of ideas about how I’d like to get married. I thought about a huge blow out, and knew it wasn’t my style. I thought about eloping, but I wouldn’t dream of getting married without my family. I thought about a destination wedding, but my father would have trouble flying and I simply couldn’t imagine getting married without having many of my close friends and family in attendance. So many considerations! I thought about doing a local “destination” wedding, but the logistics–don’t even get me started. I wanted a beach wedding, but I didn’t want to make it difficult for my father to get on and off the beach. We knew we had the right location when we happened upon the Rams Head Inn. It was our dream venue; great food, beautiful ceremony spaces–both inside and outside–awesome helpful staff, history and charm. Did I mention the food?!

Wanna know what I had not thought about? The cost. I came to realize pretty quickly that even a small simple wedding can cost an arm and a leg! But you know what else I also realized? That with a little bit of inspiration, some knowhow, and time, I was able to utilize my experience as a graphic designer and an artist to cut-corners (where no one would ever notice) and create exquisite details that made my guests think I had spent way more then I had. When I did spend money, I tried my best to spend it on things that would last beyond the wedding.*(*Don’t ask my husband about chair covers–it was a momentary lapse in my “economically conscious” wedding policy–and will be covered in a future blog.)

After the wedding. After the honeymoon. After another 4 months. I realized that I had so much fun planning my wedding, that I want to help you plan your wedding. I can help you save money. In fact, I can help you save money so well, that you actually can’t afford not to work with me as your wedding or event planner. So, let’s get started!




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