The purple-and-grey-chevron-elephant baby shower!

When Kat was asked to throw a shower for one of her closest friends, Joyce, she quickly thought to host a shower at home. The original idea was to host for maybe 20-25 people. But we all know how these things happen, and the guest list quickly grew beyond the capacity offered by Kat’s living room. That’s when she got in touch with me. And I could not have been more thrilled. A budget-conscious event with a fun creative hostess! Purple and chevrons and patterns, oh my!!! I love a baby shower that does not stick to the typical pink and blues!! But there were going to be a few challenges…

Trying to plan a Sunday event at the Jersey shore, during the off-season, quickly overwhelmed Kat who was struggling to find and book an appropriate venue. After researching for her, and narrowing her choices, Kat was able to choose the Tuckahoe Inn in Beesley’s Point, NJ. A beautiful venue, built in 1736 (!), right on the water, with a private dining room, space for 50 guests, and (most importantly) great food and service.



Kat also enlisted my help to manage the guest list and create affordable and adorable invitations with a matching envelope and “book wishing well” request card. We had a blast sharing ideas, and finally settled on a custom design digital card which we were able to get quickly and affordably designed on Etsy by NotableAffairs. Their quick turn-around and quick changes were a blessing to our tight deadline. We uploaded the digital file to Staples and picked them up the next day! These invites were chosen, custom designed, printed, and in the mail in less than 48 hours! And super-affordable at $1.36 each! I ran the envelopes through my laser printer, and voila! Beautiful custom envelopes to boot!!!

testimonial pic 2

Next, we discussed décor. I designed and created 5 8-foot fun strands of flags to use all over the venue’s dining room to help tie in with the invitation’s purple and grey chevron-elephant style. Kat ordered a name banner from the Etsy shop, Sparkling Confetti for the baby to hang over the mantle to pull the entire theme together. The best part about all of these decorations, they will look awesome in the baby’s nursery as a fun boarder or as a “cloths line” to clip photos and notes on to!


Kat searched for fun bags to put candy in and found these in the Etsy shop, PaperMoonByKat. They are too cute!!!


I took the guest book and ran with it! An elephant with a bundle of balloons created by finger prints on a canvas. A sign to tell guest how to do it. And boom! A fun interactive guest book that will also work as a great personalized work of art for the baby’s nursery.


The final pieces fell into place with a cake, cupcakes, and flowers!!! We got small purple glass jars (for $1) at AC Moore, and the night before the shower, I filled them with flowers from Costco!!! The shower was awesome! And it looked so beautiful!!!


It was so much fun to watch Kat enjoy celebrating the impending arrival of baby Cecilia and relaxing with her friends, instead of running around setting things up and worrying about details! It was a beautiful event! I can’t wait to meet the baby everyone is waiting for!

4 Comments on “The Purple Baby Shower

  1. Hi!! This was actually my baby shower… It was fabulous and couldn’t have asked for anything more perfect, from the decorations down to the cost. I even got precious keepsakes to always remember the day. I am truly grateful and thankful for all the work that went into planning my event, and even more thankful that I didn’t actually have to “do” anything except tell them what theme, and colors I wanted!!!!

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