I am shoe-obsessed. It is no joke. Ask my husband…he knows. In a fit of sheer brilliance, he even got me shoes for Valentines Day this year. Love them…I mean, him.

I’m pretty sure that if I took the time to analyze my shoe obsession I would be able to figure out the cause. But I don’t want to change it. I love shoes. Pure and simple. They always fit. Gain 5 pounds, lose 5 pounds, my favorite shoes are always gonna fit.  Unfortunately,  I can’t wear just any shoe. I have big feet and I’m almost six feet tall. So a super-high heel (even though I married a man who is 6’2″) puts me high up enough to answer every tall girl’s favorite question: “How’s the weather up there?”

But I can’t help looking at some really awesome wedding shoes. And just for fun, and love-of-shoes, I thought I would put together a list of the most awesome shoes EVER to consider getting married in! So, here goes.

For a Beach Wedding

No one wants sand in their shoes while walking down the aisle or saying their vows. And flip-flops can be awkward. So, how about these “shoes.” From the Etsy shop ByViviennn they are beautiful and priced at $25-35, you can afford to have these and then change to a “real” shoe (if you wanted to) for your reception.

Beach shoes.jpg

For a Dream Wedding In Paris…

Figgie Shoes

OMG! These shoes are unbelievable. Figgie shoes can customize your wedding shoes and create a one-of-a-kind work of art!

Something Blue…

From left to right: Custom Glitter Shoes in Midnight and Teal from the Etsy shop LongLiveAntiques (for only $96 you can get any color. Any size; ‘Kiara’ Crystal Back Open Toe Pump by Badgley Mischka, and Figgie shoes

For a Nautical Wedding…


These are amazing, and could totally be worn for other future occasions. Me…I would have them on my fireplace mantle. (Matthew Williamson)

If you Wanna Rock Flats…

These gold flats from Christian Louboutain are beautiful. Simply beautiful. I might consider wearing them forever. As a side-bonus, they also look really comfy.

Christian Louboutin.jpg

For a Vintage Wedding…

These are amazing vintage designs.

High Heel Shoe Essentials!

Heel Protectors

Don’t forget a pair of these…the Wowly High Heel Protector! If you are taking pictures on the grass or getting married outside…these will keep your shoes from getting wrecked and keep you looking graceful. At only $9.97, they are totally worth the investment!

And for those of you wondering what shoes I got married in…

I wore a borrowed pair of silver sandals. And for the reception… I switched to these. The turquoise pair were mine. And Richie wore the black ones. They were fun and comfy. And I am wearing them again. Right now.



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