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When Richie and I got married, we wanted to be able to see all the fun photos our guests were posting to different social media sites. So we spent some time brain storming hash tags for our guests to post with. We ended up with #coogath2015. Long story…

Made short… I loved the idea of becoming a Bogath. But my daughter, Caryn is a Coon. I wanted to change my last name, but didn’t want to have something completely different than Caryn’s. Hence my brilliant plan… Richie and I would both change our names to a hybrid of Coon and Bogath. Do I need to tell you that this proposal went over like a lead balloon?

In the end, my idea of us both becoming Coogaths (sounds dangerous, right?!?) became the inspiration for our wedding day hash tag. #coogath2015

Here are some of the results. They are raw, unedited images, but at some point this summer, I will be polishing them up to include in our photo album!

Here are some of my favorite hash tags…

#AlliAndTheHenderson Love that this one pays homage to an old TV show. The Bride, Alli Thyne and her fiancé, James Henderson, toyed with #HendersonShallBeThyneName. A total riot, but they thought it was too long.

#FolloGoingScullo It always helps if it rhymes!!!

#OneHaleOfaWedding Everybody loves a pun….unless they are an English teacher. But when it comes to wedding hash tags, if you can make it punny….

If you’re looking for a fun way to brainstorm… try these hash tag generators…

The Wedding Wire Hash Tag Generator

The Wedding Hash Tag Wall This site will also let you display a live feed of photos being posted with your hash tag at your reception. For $49 you can go with the budget plan, or for $79 you can get fancy with custom fonts and graphics. You then have access to your pictures for a month after the weeding in one place (as opposed to having to go to Instagram or twitter to get them).

Don’t forget:

Do a test search!!! You don’t want to be using the same hash tag as anyone else!!!

Keep it simple! You want your guests to remember it.

Make it fun! The more fun it is, the more fun you will have using it!

Make it personal! #coogath2015





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