Wedding planning is a lot of fun when you do it right. Everybody loves love, right! Right? But in the era of Pinterest, and Google, and Instagram it’s really hard to plan a wedding without feeling like everyone else is out there spending millions. We’ve all had at least one epic Pinterest fail (ask me about my hamburger brownie cupcakes sometime). And once you’ve had a few fails under your belt, it’s hard to find the motivation to hang in there and try another. In that vein, I thought I would share with you my favorite DYI project I tackled for my wedding. And it saved me a ton of money. My florist’s estimate for centerpieces $205 per table. I did it for $40.78 per table. Not bad… Here’s how:

My DIY Centerpieces

I had a number of items on every table. My mom and sister collect hurricane lamps, and were generous enough to lend them to me for my wedding (I had to ensure that no one took any home with them). They saved me a ton! And they looked awesome! I also placed 2 blue glass mason jars (purchased from my local craft store) with a simple hemp bow on each table. I filled the jars with flowers that I purchased at Costco the day before our wedding, and simply cut and shoved into the jars. No special arranging other than paying some attention to making sure they were all similar. Last, each table got a bowl that I threw on a pottery wheel (not an easy task, but I know how) and glazed in all different shades of blue. You could swap out potter bowls for any kind of bowl or vase, just make sure there is some drainage.Two weeks before the wedding my mom (god bless her heart) went with me to Home Depot and we purchased small succulent plants that we later planted in the bowls. Add a little moss to cover the dirt and Voila! Centerpieces.

What did they cost?

  • Hurricane Lamps: Borrowed
  • Extra Oil and Wicks: $14
  • Blue Mason Jars: 16 for $1.49 = $23.84
  • Hemp twine: $4.99 (I used this for a ton of other projects, so it was totally worth it)
  • Costco Flowers: $85 for 4 bouquets to fill 16 jars
  • Home Depot for Succulents and Dirt: $185
  • Moss: $4.99
  • Burlap Table Runners: $69.99 (for 10)
  • Clay: $19.99

Total Spent: $407.80



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