I can’t stop thinking about the styled shoot two weeks ago at the Brant Beach Yacht Club. It was such an amazing experience to take a vision and see it all the way through. I had known that I wanted to choose a venue that was gorgeous with tons of natural light and a beautiful setting. The Brant Beach Yacht Club in LBI did not disappoint. Not. At. All.

The weather was perfection. I was a little nervous the day before when I drove out to the island to deliver chairs from Ocean Tents, and there was a 2 foot chop on the bay. And the wind was blowing at 30 mph! The day of the shoot… beautiful, clear, and only enough breeze to ensure we had to go with an up-do. It was a little chilly, but our models were troopers. Especially our bride, Ashley, who did not get to wear a jacket in the 60 degree day. The next day… the 30 mph winds were back. Maybe even windier!! And the chop. And the chill. We lucked out with the perfect day sandwiched in between two crazy windy ones!

At the end of the day, I was exhausted! And surprisingly sore! I learned a few things! Ok, more than a few things. But here are the five most important lessons I took away from my styled shoot experience.

  1. Pick the right vendors to partner with and communicate consistently with them. It’s so important to pick vendors who are good at what they do. But it’s really important to make sure they understand the vision and inspiration for the shoot. It’s important that they know what to expect as a result of their participation. It’s important to follow up and confirm with vendors. I treated it like a real wedding, and every single vendor involved from the beginning did exactly what they said they would. And, what they provided went beyond my expectations! It’s also a great opportunity to work with vendors who you have not worked with before to develop additional business contacts and create relationships that will come in handy in the future.
  2. Never wear your cute sandals. No matter how comfy they seem at the beginning of the day, your dogs will be barkin’ by the end!
  3. Pack everything and then some! Better to have something you don’t need than to need something you don’t have. I packed my took kit in my car. I didn’t need it. But I did have to improvise without floral wire and wire cutters. That went on my list of things to add to my boxes (more about my tool boxes in a later blog). I should have packed extra matches and scissors. I don’t know why, but I could almost never find them when I needed them. I already ordered these scissors to keep in my pocket.
  4. I am clutch. In a pinch I was able to pull a look together for a set-up I had not expected to do. The experience was a huge boost to my confidence!
  5. Rely on your inspiration. I had plenty of props and materials to work with. I took everything beachy I could find with me. But in the end, I just kept going back to my inspiration board for guidance and to keep myself in check. I didn’t need half the stuff I dragged along. Better to have and not use, then need and not have!
And always end the day with a selfie. 🙂

Styled Shoot Selfie.jpg

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