I have been doing a little work lately around the house. Reorganizing and cleaning out. Donating and trashing. Spring cleaning… even though it has yet to feel anything like spring outside (okay, a few flowering trees—but where’s the warm weather???). And I found a number of things we never unpacked (we moved more than a year ago). I was in the shed looking for a box with a few extra pieces of my Grandma Coon’s depression glass to use for a styled shoot in July. And while searching through the boxes, I found way more than I was looking for! I can’t believe what I had forgotten about this stuff. I had a few pieces tucked away that are just simply the personification of pretty.

These are the dishes I was looking for…


But check out everything else I found!!!

And the rose colored depression glass with copper trim bowls. I don’t even know what you are supposed to serve in these, but they are screaming (!!!) to be a part of a centerpiece with delicate eucalyptus and jasmine, and anemones, and champagne roses…

And this piece with a delicate design in silver. It was so tarnished that it was black. A little polishing and BOOM!!!!

And I don’t even know how I forgot that these were in the shed (packed way back on a low shelf—at least they were well protected).

And then there were these!!!

This incomplete set of these french (?) dishes; I can feel them becoming the inspiration for a winter styled shoot I will have to plan for next year. Imagine them surrounded with blue and dark green evergreens on a wintry Mr & Mrs tablescape… I can see it.

Kinda makes me want to tackle the back of that closet in the upstairs hallway…. maybe next weekend. Stay tuned.

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