Last Thursday I met with one of my soon-to-be brides, Jill at the Shadowbrook at Shrewsbury for our final walk-through. Jill has been planning her wedding to Stephen for a while. But it’s really hard when the groom lives in California and you’re also planning to move to Vancouver after the wedding! Big changes. HUGE changes. So, when she contacted my to work as her Day-of planner, I just couldn’t let it go at that. I wanted to make this lovely bride’s life a little easier. It started with the planning of a really fun welcome bag for her guests. But as the wedding got a little closer, Jill gave me lots of fun jobs to do. I can’t wait to share the amazing results of all our hard work next week.

In the meantime, let me whet your appetite with her inspiration board. Who doesn’t LOVE lavender, olive branches, and ¬†roses. The color scheme: soft purples and lavender. The bridesmaids: in different shades of gray and lavender, and different¬†designs from the same designer.

Peterson-Dietlein Inspiration Board.jpg

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