Shopping on Etsy is a great experience, when you do it right.

I recommend Etsy all the time. But you have to be savvy. It’s a wonderful resource for fun, creative and economical solutions to wedding planning needs. I purchased a number of wedding day details for my own wedding off Etsy. I love all of them. And I feel like I got wonderful, artistic, well-crafted items that added wonderful detail to my wedding and have also become wonderful additions to my home. They are phenomenally beautiful special keepsakes.

A few things to keep in mind when shopping on Etsy:
  1. Read the reviews!!! Do not buy anything without reading at least 5 reviews–the good ones, but even more importantly, the bad ones! You will learn a lot about other customers experience with that shop. Some key signs that they are the right shop for you: A good record for shipping on time and 5-star reviews.
  2. Be careful when purchasing from shops that are located in other countries. Be sure to read the shipping information and be aware of how long it may take the artist to create you item. Most shops are going to make your item when you order it, then ship it. Make sure you know exactly how long it will take you to get these items. I have purchased many items from outside the US, but they take longer to get!
  3. If you are getting married around the holidays, order your items well ahead of time! Some shops will shut down when they have reached the maximum number of orders that they can process. Remember that many of these shops are small businesses.
  4. Find affordable personalized gifts!
  5. Shop local! You can filter for local artists!
  6. Support an artist!
Here are a few of my favorite Etsy wedding purchases:
My invitations and Save the Dates from Beacon Lane
My wedding ceremony portfolios and “His” & “Her” vow books from Lorgie
My wedding bouquet, boutonnières and flowers for decorating our wedding cake from Eucca
Our champagne glasses for our first toast from Nexus Glass
Our ring boxes from End Grain Wood Shop
View More:
Our wedding bands from L Stella Jewelry

View More:

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