Not every bride is looking for a perfectly symmetrical wedding bouquet. Some brides love the simplicity of one flower in a large cluster. And I have to say, as a wedding planner, who LOVES flowers nothing appeals to me more then looking at a bunch of peonies, anemones, and ranunculus! Omg, the gorge! The oh-so-pretty. I wanna die.  Check out this one from Colin Cowie Weddings; I just love the hand-tied bottom. I love this one. It’s a beautiful compromise for the bride who wants the organic look but isn’t ready to be “over-powered” by her bouquet.

Colin Cowie Weddings

When it comes to bouquets, the non-symmetrical, dripping with floral gorgeousness has become all the rage. Large asymmetrical bouquets with vining elements… OMG. I just want to live with one! Forever. I would do my wedding bouquet all over again if I had the chance. These over-filled, organic, foraged bouquets are just to die for. And, the first chance I get, I’m going to renew my vows just to get one!!! Imagine this one by Studio Modine in San Fransico (photo credit: Megan Mehan). The olive branches, ranunculus, and sahara roses. Add those gorgeous silk ribbons to finish off the hand-tie and you may have the perfect (for me) bouquet.

Meghan Mehan Photography

So, a few weeks ago I tried my hand at my own hand tied bouquet. My first attempt…. Not horrible. But I totally foraged the wrong plants and elements, and by the time I got them to my photographer, Alex Peterson at Idalia Photography, they were looking pretty worse for wear.

So, I tried again. And, I have to say, the second time I nailed it! Let me know what you think! ‘Cause I cannot wait to try another. And if you’re wondering who that cute model is… that’s my daughter, C. She humored me by putting on the dress she wore for my wedding and walking down the beach to be my model. Gotta love that kid!


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