Month: June 2016

Weddings are Full of Surprises!

A great wedding is full of surprises. I love watching my brides surprise their husbands with a small token on the day of their wedding. Allie surprised James with a special bottle of Whisky and a second surprise, when she had a… Read More

5 Ways We “Geeked” Our Wedding

(Without Getting too Geeky!) I can admit it. My husband and I are geeks. He’s obsessed with The Lord of the Rings (which I sort of get). We are both obsessed with Star Wars and Star Trek. He’s obsessed with The Hobbit (which I… Read More

Indian Trail Club Wedding

Cortney and John have been married for a little over a week, and the day’s gorgeousness  is still fresh in my mind! Every single detail of their wedding was executed to perfection. The bride and groom enjoyed a perfect late-afternoon ceremony on the lake… Read More

Love Stories: Marc & Catherine, June 8, 1941

Last Thursday, June 8th, would have been my grandparent’s 75th wedding anniversary. My father’s parents were not the type to talk, but last week I found myself really regretting not peppering them with questions when I was a kid (perhaps from a… Read More

The Bay in my Backyard

I am a lucky woman. I get to live where so many others only get to vacation! My home in Barnegat is located on a beautiful lagoon, and with just a few minutes of effort, you can kayak out into the bay…. Read More

Alli & James: The Details

Alli and James got married on Sunday, May 15, 2016 at the Watermark in Asbury Park, NJ. And Every. Single. Thing. that day was exactly as it should have been: fun, carefree, happy, and easy. Alli and James made for a picture… Read More

Cortney & John: The Preview

I have been working with Cortney for a few weeks as her Month-of Wedding planner to get ready for Cortney & John’s June 10, 2016 wedding at the Indian Trail Club in Franklin Lakes, NJ. This wedding is going to be absolutely stunning…… Read More

Why Every Couple Needs a Day-of Wedding Planner

When Jill and Steve hired me as their Day-of Wedding Planner, I knew right away that they had made the right decision. But like many couples, Jill and Steve, waited to hire a wedding planner thinking that it was both a luxury… Read More