When Jill and Steve hired me as their Day-of Wedding Planner, I knew right away that they had made the right decision. But like many couples, Jill and Steve, waited to hire a wedding planner thinking that it was both a luxury and beyond their budget. I have to tell you that a Day-of Wedding Planning package is neither. And I know this from my own personal experience, but also because every bride tells me so! Here’s a small excerpt from the incredibly sweet thank you note I received from Jill and Steve this week.


I wanted to thank you again for helping Steve and I with our wedding. Your ideas and organization were impeccable! All of the personalized details made the day feel so much more special and now we have special signs and tokens to keep reminding us of our special day for years to come! It was so much fun and a pleasure planning one heck of a party with you! We can’t thank you enough.

Love, Jill and Steve

I was able to coordinate all of Jill and Steve’s vendors, create a wedding day time line, and ensure that they had nothing to worry about for 48 hours before their wedding. On the day of their wedding, I was with the bridal party until the photographer arrived, to ensure that everything was going smoothly. Then I went and met the groomsmen. I worked to ensure everyone was wearing the correct colors (they had mismatched pocket squares to coordinate with mismatched bridal party colors). I folded a mean pocket square, and made sure every detail was addressed before the entire bridal party went for pictures.

Then I went to their venue, the Shadowbrook at Shrewsbery. And worked with the phenomenal staff there to ensure that every detail Jill and Steve had worked so hard to create was set-up exactly as they had wanted. And it was. It was perfect. Check out their wedding day details here.

They just got to sit back, relax, enjoy their family and friends, and get married! How awesome!

The same was true for Alli and James. Just read what Alli has to say:

I hired Jeanne about 2 months before my wedding.  I originally thought I was an organized bride and was just hiring her as a safety net for just that day.  Even my future husband questioned my actions of hiring Jeanne when everything seemed figured out.  Boy were we both wrong!!

Jeanne and I met and walked around the Watermark in Asbury about a month before the wedding.  Jeanne became my go to girl and a fairy godmother wrapped into one.  First she organized and contacted all my vendors. She was available throughout the day for questions through text and/or emails.  Jeanne is extremely detail oriented and because she just had a wedding of her own knew the items that might be forgotten on the big day.  She created beautiful Instagram signs, bathroom signs, and a Jenga guestbook sign.  She even surprised us on that day with a “Best Dog” sign for our boxer who attended the ceremony.  She created bathroom baskets for those quick day of fixes and also found me the perfect basket for collecting the wedding gifts.  This was all before May 15th happened.  On the morning of the wedding, Jeanne arrived at 11am and helped me to relax while myself and my girls got ready. Jeanne then left to help prep and organize all the vendors arriving at the Watermark.  A moment I clearly remember during the day is that I turned to Jeanne right as I was about to walk down the aisle and asked Jeanne the time.  She replied “5:46…. Your one minute late now get moving”.  Jeanne became a great friend during that month.  She was there for me more than I could have ever imagined.  Please do yourself a favor and hire Jeanne today.  At the end of the wedding my husband (not being the most expressive person) stopped Jeanne in the hall and said “This might be weird but I’m going to hug you now.  You made Alli so happy and relaxed.”  And at the end of the night the first person I texted was Jeanne “Thank you so much for everything!!!! It was the best party ever and it really couldn’t have happened without you!!! I’m so happy right now!!!”  If I ever renew my vows and have another party Jeanne will be getting another call from me.

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