(Without Getting too Geeky!)

I can admit it. My husband and I are geeks. He’s obsessed with The Lord of the Rings (which I sort of get). We are both obsessed with Star Wars and Star Trek. He’s obsessed with The Hobbit (which I may never get). I knew we were going to include some small details in our wedding day that paid homage to our geek sides. Here are my five favorite.

5. Quoting Robert Fulghum on our invitations

Fulghum is the author of the book, All I Ever Needed to Know, I Learned in Kindergarten. But it was his words on weirdness that resonated with both Richie and I. In fact, so much so that we used them on the tag that bound our invitations together.

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4. Our Converse Sneakers
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We both wanted comfy feet on the day of our wedding.We settled on converse sneakers. I wore mine for the reception. Richie wore his the entire day. Mine said “Mrs. B” down the back; his said “Mr. B.” Mine were lined with hearts and arrows; Richie’s were lined with camouflage. We got them customized on the Converse website.

3. Our Lord of the Rings Champagne Glasses

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When it came time to order champagne glasses, I knew I wanted something different. It also doubled as a Valentine’s Day present for my love. I found the pair on Etsy at NexusGlass.

champagne Glasses etsy shot

The inscription reads (in Elvish, yeah….really):

One Ring to rule them all, One Ring to find them, (on one flute)
One Ring to bring them all and in the darkness bind them (on the other flute)

2. Walking Down the Aisle to the Theme from Star Wars

I wanted to walk down the aisle to the Theme from Star Wars. This didn’t happen exactly as I had planned. Like all weddings, our’s had some imperfect moments. The walk down the aisle turned into a classic moment never to be forgotten. Instead of the Theme from Star Wars, the DJ played the Imperial March by accident. Yup, you know, the song Darth Vader enters to. The moment turned epic, when our guests realized and immediately began laughing and smiling. I didn’t even notice. I was too busy going down the aisle with my dad. It turns out that this happy accident is one of Richie’s favorite stories about our wedding day.

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1.  Our Wedding Cake

I wanted a beautiful wedding cake that tasted really good! We got that. My friend Sara Malbari (Sweets by Sara) made our cake and it tasted as good as it looked. I wanted a blue cake (there was a lot of blue at my wedding). Richie wanted a delicious cake. And we both wanted to have fun with the cake. We got everything we wanted! What’s more geeky than an At-At cake topper? Let me know if you think of something. We made the At-At couple using Model Earth kits. And added a top hat and veil. And there you have it!

View More: http://idaliaphotography.pass.us/jeanne-and-richie

We “geeked” our wedding. Big time. It was so much fun to include these small details that made for such a fun and personal wedding celebration that screamed our personalities and our love of all things geeky.

If I could do it again, I would add a Chubacca to join us for pictures!!! Or go full-on with the Star Wars theme, like this couple. who threw the classiest Star Wars Wedding ever…how awesome are they?!? Maybe Richie and I should renew our vows…



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