A great wedding is full of surprises. I love watching my brides surprise their husbands with a small token on the day of their wedding. Allie surprised James with a special bottle of Whisky and a second surprise, when she had a friend bring his dog, Rocky,  to take part in wedding portraits and the ceremony. (I surprised them both with a “Best Dog” sign—and he was so well behaved during the ceremony, he really deserved the title!)

I’ve seen grooms make some of the most romantic overtures ever on their wedding day. Jill’s husband got her a hand-drawn illustration of their wedding day outfits (her dress, his tux). He managed to commission the drawing without ever seeing the dress, and had it delivered to Jill while she was getting dressed on her wedding day!

But sometimes the wedding day surprises hit you months down the line. Richie and I got married in October and this past weekend, I had one of the best surprises, one that was inspired on my wedding day. We had a rather small wedding (under 100 people) and invited a small group of friends from my college years. We began talking at the wedding about having a larger get-together of all our college friends—many of whom had moved away or with whom we had lost touch.


And surprise, the talk turned into major planning about a month after the wedding when an email chain started. People started adding other people to it, and before you knew it, we had a date booked, and a bunch of people coming to reunite!

Last Saturday was it! Richie and I had the pleasure of hosting the “reunion” in our back yard. Thank God the weather cooperated—I mean really cooperated—it could not have been more perfect. My roommate, her husband, and their two kids flew in from Austin. TX. Another family, drove 18 hours (Yes!! 18 hours!!!) from North Carolina! And lots of people came, from near and far, all around New Jersey to join us. We had a blast! It was so much fun reconnecting. It was so much fun meeting everyone’s kids. It was really a special weekend—one that might not have happened had it not been for a wedding! I couldn’t have had a better time! I can not wait to do it again!

Here are a few of the pictures! College buddies and significant others:


And all of the offspring!


And for fun, I thought I’d show you what happens when I ask my 11-year old (almost 12) to take a picture—and her solution (lol): “Photoshop them, mom.” (duh.)

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