When you are doing the final details for your wedding, many people overlook the importance of signage. At our wedding we used a Jenga guest book. People signed or wrote a short message on each block. So cute! But without a sign explaining the concept, many of our guests would not have gotten it, and many would have skipped over the guest book completely. Playing Jenga in the darkWhich means, last winter, when the power was out during a large blizzard, Richie and I wouldn’t have had nearly as much fun reading our guest’s messages.

So, my top 3 favorite signage solutions are as follows:
3. Chalk Boards

Richie and I incorporated a lot of chalk boards into our wedding. And despite the fact that I’ve been reading all over the place that chalk boards are “on their way out,” I’m not embarrassed to say that I still love them. They just have to be well done (good calligraphy) and a little different. If you are considering making your own chalk board signs, check out my DIY Blog here!

You could purchase a simple Ikea chalkboard (they sell them for kid’s rooms) and use that. But why not jazz it up? Use your signature color to change the frame color, and use different fonts, compliment your wedding design. The single biggest thing you can add to IMG_2225your chalk boards to make them stand out is color! Seriously. I have spent hours cruising garage sales for funky old frames. All I do is spray paint them in the bride’s color. And repaint the chalk board. Things to remember, when you are creating your own chalk boards:

Never use real chalk or chalk pens. You will want to use an oil based sharpie marker. The chalk pens are hard to control and they never seem to get white enough. The oil based sharpies will need two coats, but trust me, the results are totally worth it! They also sell them in all different colors. So don’t hesitate (in fact I implore you!) to use colors besides white. Look at this sign with gold metallic accents! OMG! Gorg.

Consider a background color that is not black. You can order chalk paint in all different colors. White, green, blue (!!!). The combinations are endless. And can help you avoid the traditional “chalkboard” effect.

2. Wooden Signs

The last few events I’ve worked on have incorporated wooden signage with beautiful calligraphy messages for guests. Check out my portfolio here. They add such a classy natural element to an event. And when you use different fonts, they can change their look and feel completely. Check out my DIY Series to make your own wooden signs here.

3. Clear Signs and Elements

I am dying to try one of these! The idea that you can create a gorgeous sign on glass (mirror or acetate works well too!)…stunning. You can use them to display your seating assignments or to welcome your guests.

And they are super-easy to create, since there’s no tracing or projecting needed, you just place the glass on top of your print out! I’ve even seen clear acetate incorporated into invitations. And it’s all simply stunning. So, stay posted, ’cause there’s a clear sign DIY in the near future!

My Best Piece of Advice!!!

Use your computer to lay the sign out before you try to simply hand-letter it. You can use the print out like tracing paper to transfer the layout onto the board. This works for many types of signage.

Spell check. Need I say more?

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