This weekend I was given the opportunity to create centerpieces for one of my October bride’s wedding shower. Her Maid of Honor and her mother contacted my to create a few odds and ends, especially signage, for the event… an envelope address station (imagine saving the bride all the time it takes to address thank you notes), a Date Jar suggestion station, and a photography display.

But when I asked if they would be interested in fresh flowers, they went gaga. I mean, really… who doesn’t love fresh flowers? Especially when I can help you create gorgeous flowers without breaking the bank. I am slowly branching out into in-house floral design, I was able to help them at a fraction of the cost of a traditional florist. The opportunity was too amazing for everyone involved to pass up. I got the build my portfolio with an amazing experience and they got fresh floral centerpieces to die for!

They wanted two different designs. One all beachy with sea glass filler. The other summer citrus with lemon filler. The challenge for me was to create two very different designs with enough in common so that they still went together. Both designs used huge white hydrangea with hemp ties on the clear glass vases. One, the lemon design, was super tall, while the beachy design was smaller and low to allow conversation to flow across the tables easily. The pops of lemon yellow in one design were complemented by pops of bright blue cornflower in the other. The thick dark lemon leaf of the tall design was countered by the summer-green bear grass and bunny tail of the beachy design. I can’t tell you how much I loved the outcome and how much fun I had making these.

No joke, even delivering them to the venue, The Mill in Spring Lake Heights, was a treat. I got my work out in (4,300 steps and 12 flights of stairs in 45 minutes). My bride’s mother was so happy (tears of joy happy!). Her maid of honor was thrilled. And the room looked stunning. You can NOT beat that view.

So, here’s a treat for you today: Happy Friday! And get ready, because I’ll be doing this bride’s wedding florals for her wedding in October. The whole works! And I can NOT wait!!! If you want a sneak-peek at her wedding inspiration, here it is:

10-15-16 Danielle and Carl Inspiration Board



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