In a little less than 2 months, Danielle and Carl are gonna tie the knot! It’s so sweet to be working with these two to help them prepare! They are so clearly in love with one another and they have the sweetest family and friends! Their engagement shoot with Jac & Jules Photography was just stunning! And you can just see how much they care for one another.

Danielle’s MOH, Gabby, enlisted me to help with Danielle’s bridal shower, and Danielle’s mom was the absolute sweetest when it came to working on flower arrangements for the event. The results were amazing! Check them out here. If I had to narrow down my favorite aspects of planning over the past few months (and I’m certain this list will grow over the next eight weeks), it would be these top three:

3. Creating Danielle and Carl’s wedding invites. We worked really hard to make budget friendly invites that still looked gorg. Read about how we did it here. And boy do they!! (I can’t wait to share the pictures—but I don’t want anyone to see them here before they get them in the mail!) But it wasn’t the surprise at how well they came out. It wasn’t the hours of work that went into them. It wasn’t watching Danielle and Carl’s family all chip in their time and labor (stamping and stuffing envelopes, while we we cut, and wax sealed). These things were fun. The best part was the chance to hang out with, eat pizza, and work with Danielle and to get to know her so much better. I can not wait for this wedding!

2. Creating Danielle and Carl’s inspiration board. Their details are so much fun. I am in love with the Home Plate Guest book. They are both into sports; they play, they coach… and I love it when a couple incorporates the things they love into their wedding day. You know, a lot of people don’t consider this, but the fact is that unless you are having a super-small intimate wedding, there are likely to be a number of guests at you wedding who don’t know you well. And how awesome is it when they walk away from your wedding feeling like they can’t wait to hang out with you again?! This happens when you allow your guests to get to know you. You won’t have time to sit down and hang out with everyone of your guests, so use your details as the opportunity to let your new family and friends into your life. Show them your obsessions. Share your personality with them. Danielle and Carl have hit this element out of the park (insert sports pun here)! I can not wait to share the final results. Here’s their inspiration board, just to give you a hint!

10-15-16 Danielle and Carl Inspiration Board

1. Logging onto Facebook last night and seeing this sweet little love note to his future bride! I love these two!

Carl FB

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