That’s right. Something is going to go wrong at your wedding. I don’t want to scare you. That is not my intent. In fact it’s just the opposite. Things go wrong at weddings. And if you know that ahead of time it’s easier to roll with it. And in my experience, the things that go wrong at wedding (as in life) fit into one of two categories. Some are really not that bad, and you roll with them. Others bad, but are fixable. So let’s break down wedding problems into two categories. The ones you have to roll with. And, the ones that you have to fix. I will use examples from my wedding and from my parent’s wedding.

The “Roll With It” Problems

At my wedding. I didn’t hire a planner (the shoe-maker’s kids never have shoes, right!?). And my venue coordinator at the Rams Head Inn was amazing (shout out to Jamie Jackson, now at Ruths Chris in AC). But I was a little stressed. Was the DJ setting up (he did). Was the cake there yet (it was). So, I suffered the kind of undo stress that I try to save all my brides from. The “problem” came when it was time to walk down the aisle. I wanted to walk down to this theme to Star Wars (my hubby is a Star Wars geek!), but the DJ played this theme to Star Wars. What could I do? Not walk down the aisle? If you didn’t click the links, I’ll just say, I walked down the aisle to the Imperial March. You know, the song Darth Vader always enters with. Yup. I’m evil. Well, it turns out that the moment was one of the best from my wedding day. And it’s the story that I tell most often. And I laugh every time. And just in case you are wondering, my dad does look a smidge like the emperor. Thank GOD we didn’t go with the all black tux!!!

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What you don’t see in the picture… (by the genius, Alex Peterson at Idalia Photography) is all the people smiling, and the laughing and genuine fun that happened as soon as I entered the room. It’s one of my best memories.

At my parent’s wedding. My mother’s uncle Ferd passed out (he was a type-one diabetic). His wife, Aunt Gerturde, (they were in their 80s) yelled, “I knew he’d go and die and ruin this wedding for me!” Was it a problem. For sure. Did they roll with it? Yeah. And guess what, there were like 50 doctors in the room (all of whom worked with my grandfather)!!! Uncle Ferd was fine. And even stayed for dessert.

Now for the Fixable Problems

At my wedding. We ran way behind schedule. I started hair and makeup around 5:30 in the morning. Beauty takes time. We left the house for the venue (45 minutes away) about 30 minutes late. We had a 1 pm ceremony. And planned on doing First Look photography. But here’s where it get’s fixed. The timeline from my photographer was padded. I didn’t even realize. And in the end, we did a few extra family pictures during the cocktail hour. And it was fine! With small, behind the scene adjustments, I didn’t even notice. Somehow we just managed to be back on schedule. Richie and I even got to hang out “in hiding” together for about 45 minutes before the ceremony. And this did amazing things to help me calm down and appreciate the moment. In fact, I now recommend to all my couples, that they build time into their wedding day to spend alone. It’s really important!

At my parent’s wedding. The flowers got delivered to the venue across the street. My grandmother tracked them down. I’m sure it was craaaazy. Think about it. At least now we have cell phones. But back then! They had to track everything down, and get it to the right place.

Every single wedding. Every one. Has it’s problems.

The fixable ones get fixed. It’s my job (and I love it!) to make sure that the fixable ones get fixed without you even knowing there was a problem. I love being able to do what I do to allow my couples to have a relaxed stress-free wedding day. It’s all the small moments that come together to make your wedding day perfection. Ask a married couple what went wrong at their wedding. And I bet they start with a smile. And maybe a chuckle.

Remember. In life (as in weddings) something will go wrong.  But so much more will go right. Enjoy it.

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