I am so excited for this wedding! Maybe not as excited as our bride and groom, or their families, but still I am pretty excited!

Kathleen and Richard

Kathleen is marrying a guy named Richard (I did too!). Kathleen and Richard met on match.com (So did we!). They love the shore (OMG! So do I!). They love lighthouses (I love running a lighthouse—seriously, I like to race up them.) They are Irish, they love the shore, they enjoy a good beer (OK, OK, I’m a fan of coffee and wine…). But it’s rare that I find myself with so much in common with a couple! On top of all of this they have been so much fun to work with. Here’s a little teaser, their inspiration Board:


The first time I met Kathleen and Richard at the future site of their wedding, The Egg Harbor Yacht Club, I was amazed at not only the location (it’s gorg!) but also at their cute interaction and the joy they have had planning their wedding. It’s chock full of small and large surprises. They have been working hard to create a day that is going to be enjoyed by all of their guests. I have been so lucky to have been given the change to help them plan and organize everything.

They have assembled an awesome team of vendors for their big day! And I am looking forward to working with all of them, as well.

Kathleen and Richard’s Wedding Team

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