Congratulations Kathleen and Richard on your Little Egg Harbor Yacht Club Wedding! Your wedding at the Little Egg Harbor Yacht Club on LBI on September 10th was simply stunning and one of my all time favorites! I don’t know what it was! Maybe it was the stunning views? Or, the antique Schwinn bicycle built for two (rented from Rustic Drift)?

Pictures by Ashley Mac Photography

Maybe it was your entrance to your reception on a sailboat?!

Or (and most likely) the sweet loving moments between the two of you!

I had such a great time helping you to plan your big day and then the privilege of watching all our combined efforts turn into the perfect wedding celebration with all of your family and friends, who had such a blast! I am so happy for you both!

And these images, captured with such beauty by Ashley Mac Photography, make it look like you stepped off the pages of J. Crew!

Kathleen’s day began getting ready at the mayor of Beach Haven’s home, which had been lent to the couple for the day. The home was like visiting an art museum! Filled with all kinds of art and crafts, and rather large collection of duck decoys. If you’re a Jersey girl, or you’ve spent a lot of time in Ocean County hanging out at the shore and visiting craft shows, you would instantly recognize the beauty and skill evident in this beautiful collection of artwork throughout the home.



Kathleen and RIchard’s invitations were a beautiful nautical suite with artwork created by the groom! I love the sweet details Richard included in the day. He was a DIY’er like no other groom I’ve ever met. And his work was really good!

A wedding celebration should be filled with wonderful moments, and their celebration had so many thoughtful loving touches.

Beach Haven, NJ, LBI bridal party getting ready
Pictures by Ashley Mac Photography

I have to say: Richard is a true romantic. He was involved in a ton of sweet loving gestures and design elements that he incorporated into your big day! The sailboat model he built with the sails that served as the guest book.

The origami boats that were used as your escort cards and nautical flag table numbers.

The decorations on your sweetheart table, the cake stand.

They all made for such a unique experience for your family and friends, and they will become mementos of a fun wonderful day filled with celebration among family and friends. And perhaps heirlooms for the next generation to use at their wedding. I have no doubt, that was part of the plan. Tradition and family were clearly a very important part of the day. My favorite detail: Kathleen and Richard used a cake topper that has been on top of every wedding cake in his family since the 1920s (you can tell, it’s 1920’s design, for sure!) They swapped it out later for their own cake topper, but it was so sweet to see a family tradition being honored.

They even had some of their lime light hydrangea centerpieces placed in Richard’s family’s yachting trophies. And the party was pretty intense! I’ve never seen a bride and groom enjoy popping champagne as much as these two did! And you really can’t blame them. There are not too many champagne-spraying moments in life–shouldn’t your wedding be one of them?!? Just take a word of advice, one I’m sure Richard would echo: wear eye protection or be certain to point the bottle away from your self. No worries, there wasn’t a black eye the next day!


Little Egg Harbor Yacht Club Wedding Vendors

Congratulations Kathleen & Richard! May you both enjoy many wonderful years to come with the Bay as your backdrop and the wind to your back!

Loving Love in Barnegat, J

I hope you enjoyed these Little Egg Harbor Yacht Club Wedding as much as I enjoyed sharing them with you today! Are you planning a yacht club wedding on LBI? Contact me, I’d love to be your NJ Wedding Planner. Check out the inspiration for Richard and Kathleen’s Big Day here!

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