Lindsay and Andrew’s NJ Wedding Flowers Details

Lindsay and Andrew came to my home last summer to talk details and specifics. I had already been working with them to plan their dream NJ shore wedding. They had done some of their planning themselves, but needed help pulling everything together. We had been hashing out details and talking about big ideas. They had booked their venue, and Brian Kirk and the Jerks (OMG! What a party). But, they had run into one little hiccup… OK, not a little hiccup. They couldn’t find a florist (that they liked) who was also able to book them for their Thanksgiving weekend wedding (Thanksgiving is one of the busiest flower holidays!). Lindsay and Andrew surprised me by asking me to do their flowers! I love flowers, but I have only become more experienced with them in the past year. We sat on my back patio, and had a lot of laughs that night (and maybe a glass of wine). Lindsay and I joked about wedding stress while Andrew and my husband bonded over a love of peanut butter. And we came up with the inspiration for their wedding flowers.

Over the next few weeks, Lindsay and I went back and forth with ideas. We almost broke Pintrest. We made a list of flowers Lindsay loved. I cross-referenced her list with flowers that would be available in late November. We talked a lot about garden roses. We talked about different flowers and greens that could be mixed in that would help keep costs in check without sacrificing gorgeousness. We tried to figure out how certain pieces could pull double duty between the ceremony and the reception.

It took some time, but Lindsay and I were able to come up with a flower list that would make any flower lover swoon, and anyone who doesn’t love flowers, fall in love.

So what flowers did we choose?

  • David Austin Garden Roses: You can’t go wrong with garden roses. Ever. We chose white and blush varieties. The whites would go in the bridesmaids bouquets while the pink would go in Lindsay’s.
  • Mini White Calla Lilis: These small white Callas are gorgeous. And they are sturdy. They work great in both bouquets and boutonnières.
  • Lisianthus doubles in blush and white: These flowers are just stunning. Simple white blooms, they are delicate, but sturdy enough to last in a bouquet. They have two blooms on each stem, so you get a little more bang-for-your-buck.
  • Blush wax Flower This has become one of my new favorites. Sturdy and pink, and perfect for the season since it has a slight, not overwhelming, evergreen scent, but no sap (so it doesn’t make a mess. It’s an amazing substitute for baby’s breath. And it’s the same cost.
  • Freesia: I love freesia. They smell, OMG, so good. And they hold up like a dream, making them perfect for corsage work and boutonnières.
  • Silver Brunia: These are tiny and rustic. They gave a nice bit of texture and contrast to the bouquet.
  • Hydrangea: Huge white hydrangea blooms are a great wedding staple. They are cost-effective, but this time of year, they also hold up really well.
  • Dusty Miller: The green to “hold it all together.” Dusty Miller is perfect for winter weddings with it’s soft (seriously, it’s kinda fuzzy) texture and silvery green color.

And the Results for Lindsay & Andrew’s NJ Wedding Flowers Were Stunning!

Here’s a look at their ceremony flowers photographed by the genius, Alexandra Peterson of Idalia Photography. Every other pew at St. Denis had a hydrangea with blush ribbon on it. And the entrance was decorated with bundles of wax flower. The entrance to the church had a large hand-written sign, covered in a garland swag made from wax flower, eucalyptus and dusty miller.

Welcome Sign with floral garland

Ceremony decor for NJ Shore wedding

Ring Bearer walking down the aisle

Grand Exit after getting married

Lindsay and Andrew’s Personals

Lindsay’s bouquet had tons of pink garden roses, lisianthus, and white mini calla lilies. NJ-Wedding-Florist-05.jpg

Andrew’s boutonnière had dusty miller, wax flower, and a single pink spray rose. The groom’s men swapped the pink spray rose for white freesia to match the white of the bridesmaids bouquets.

bridal bouquet in pink

Lindsay wanted her bouquet to be full of pinks and blush tones, while the bridesmaids’ bouquets were to be more white. Each of the bridesmaid’s bouquets started with hydrangea, and then I added additional floral elements. I don’t know if I’d recommend hydrangea in the hot August sun. But in November, they are a great addition to wedding work. The bouquets looked great even at the end of the night, by which time they’d been out of water for 6 hours!



The results were beautiful fand-tied organic bouquets which complimented Lindsay and Andrews wedding perfectly.

bridal party bouquets

At the Reception

At the recetion, we used tons of huge tall silver candelabras supplied by Doolan’s Shore Club. They worked out perfectly with a tone of hydrangea, wax flower, and dusty miller.

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The Creative Team

If you want to read about more In-House Floral design by Bogath Weddings and Events, read about Danielle and Carl’s wedding here. And get ready, because I can promise you, there will be more to come! Because soon, very soon, BWE will be launching a new package: In-House Floral design. Stay tuned for all the flower-gorgeous details!

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