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November 26, 2016

Lindsay and Andrew were such a blast to work with. I began working with Lindsay shortly after she and Andrew got engaged. Lindsay is this super-sweet, bubbly, fun, easy-to-laugh, gorgeous (inside and out) young woman who was worried about getting everything done that needed to get done. She had a vision for her wedding day, and just needed someone to execute. And that’s where I came in! Andrew is a little quieter, until you get him out of his shell (or t-shirt). I had the privilege of working closely with them both as their NJ Shore wedding planner. And it was a blast! Before the holidays, I told you all about their flowers because I couldn’t wait. Today, I want to tell you all about their wedding. Every fun detail! Including more amazing gorgeous floral images from the brilliant Alex Peterson at Idalia Photography.

The Invitations

Lindsay and Andrew chose a classical design for their invites and it set the tone for their paper coordination. It’s really important to choose your invites with a mindfulness that allows you to add other pieces later on that will fit the style you ave already chosen. Lindsay and Andrew had their invitations, wedding program, the insert for the welcome bags, and their details card all laid out by Holland Designs. And the results were gorgeous. White and blush papers with silver and black ink. Plus a tiny amount of bling, ’cause who doesn’t like bling, right?!?

And I’m in love with Alex’s styling of the invitation package using flowers that I gave her. I always like to save a few for the photographer to use while styling details shots. They always look so beautiful with a few fresh flowers added in. And I knew Lindsay would appreciate it incorporated into her photography, she must’a said a thousand times, “Flowers make everything look better!” And she’s totally right!!!

View More: http://idaliaphotography.pass.us/lindsay-and-andrew

Welcome Package insert

The Rings, sooooo OMG!

So, every bride should have a gorgeous shot of their ring bling! Lindsay has a beautiful shot in her Mrs. Box accented with pink spray roses. I love working with talented vendors, and I love supplying them with flowers they can use to enhance their own work!

View More: http://idaliaphotography.pass.us/lindsay-and-andrew

View More: http://idaliaphotography.pass.us/lindsay-and-andrew

The Floral Personals

I wrote all about Lindsay and Andrew’s personal wedding flowers here. But I can’t help it, I had to show you a few more pictures.

View More: http://idaliaphotography.pass.us/lindsay-and-andrew

pink rose and wax flower boutonniere with dusty miller

boutonnieres with freesia and wax flower

Getting Ready

Lindsay spent the morning getting ready with her girls at Salon Blush, and even created a manikin challenge! They all wore monogrammed shorts, and her flower girls and bridesmaids just enjoyed getting ready, relaxing, and not worrying about a thing!

Wedding Day Highlights-0003.jpg

Once the ladies returned to the Inn on Main, they began getting dressed. And every little detail was just pure gorgeousness.

The Ceremony

Lindsay and Andrew got married by Father Bill at the Church of St. Denis in Manasquan, NJ. And let me just say, Father Bill is my fav. He spoke beautifully about Lindsay and Andrew, and created beautiful ceremony that they will enjoy seeing in the future. The church was beautifully decorated with blush ribbon tied hydrangea, large organic arrangements at the beginning of the aisle, and a third beneath the altar.

05 Ceremony-16.jpg

View More: http://idaliaphotography.pass.us/lindsay-and-andrew

But my ultimate favorite moment of the day, in fact maybe one of my top ten wedding planner moments ever, was the look on Andrew’s face when he saw Lindsay walking down the aisle. The tears. And his complete inability to wait, forcing him to meet her half way up the aisle. It was such a sweet genuine moment that showed the love these two have for one another with perfect clarity.


The bridal party looked classic and beautiful. The ring “security” was incredibly cute and very serious about his job! The flower girls looked beautiful carried a small hand-lettered banner that I created. Later they switched to flower poms.


It never fails, but every single wedding exit gets me, and this one was no exception. I loved the photos of Lindsay and Andrew leaving the church. Thankfully all the “flower petals” were biodegradable!

Grand Exit after getting married

NJ Shore Wedding Portraits

I love it when a bride and groom ask me to incorporate a special moment into their wedding day timeline. And for Lindsay and Andrew, it was a  moment to go to Leggett’s, the bar where they first met. And how adorbs is this resulting pic???!!!

View More: http://idaliaphotography.pass.us/lindsay-and-andrew

Then they went to Spring Lake, and took some beautiful pictures in the park. And despite the wind and chill, they looked amazing.

View More: http://idaliaphotography.pass.us/lindsay-and-andrew

The Reception at Doolan’s Shore Club

What a beautiful reception. And, OMG! What a party! Brian Kirk and the Jerks did not disappoint, and there was not one single second without people enjoying themselves all over that dance floor!!!

View More: http://idaliaphotography.pass.us/lindsay-and-andrew

And They Lived…Happily Ever After

View More: http://idaliaphotography.pass.us/lindsay-and-andrew

View More: http://idaliaphotography.pass.us/lindsay-and-andrew

The Creative Team

If you want to read about more In-House Floral design by Bogath Weddings and Events, read about Danielle and Carl’s wedding here. And if you loved Lindsay and Andrew’s wedding, and you’re like me (I just can’t get enough of it!) You can read my previous post all about their florals about it here. And if you’re interested in having NJ Shore wedding planner Bogath Weddings and Events for yourself, just Contact me! I can’t wait to hear from you!


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