My Biggest Wedding Regrets

Looking back at my wedding photography always makes me so happy. It’s been a while now, and I still look back at the emotion of that day, and there’s so much that makes me just over-the-moon-teary-eyed-happy. In fact, you couldn’t have whipped the smile off my face all day. But there are a few things, especially now that I’m fully immersed in the wedding industry that I wish I had done differently, and  a few things I wish I had done that I didn’t. So, here you are (in no particular order): My 5 Biggest Wedding Regrets.

  1. Engagement Photos. I really wish Richie and I had engagement photos done. I love my photographer. Alex from Idalia Photography is a good friend. And long before she photographed my wedding, I knew she was tremendously talented, and would be fun to hang out with. So it wasn’t that I didn’t have a photographer. It was more about my own stupid hang-ups. I wanted to look ammmmmmazing. And silly me, I didn’t feel like I was in my best shape when I got engaged. I did by the time we got married. But you know what time does? It has a way of giving you perspective. And I would have looked great. Plus, hair and makeup have a way of making you feel amazing! I should have done this. Plus, they would have been really cute incorporated into our Save the Date.This is also a great way to get to know your photographer better. I was lucky to know, without a doubt, that I would be comfortable on my wedding day with Alex, not everyone is used to it. And as comfortable as I was with Alex, I still felt a little weird getting into some of the positions and poses she asked of me. An engagement photo shoot would have given me a chance to practice! And even though they felt awkward, they all turned out gorg! Like this one…. Really, I should sit like that way more often!

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2. A Groom’s Gift. I should have written Richie a love letter to open and read on our wedding day. We did write our own vows. And at the time, I thought this was the same, but it’s really not. I should have got him something small, nothing extravagant. We gave each other gifts, but we waited until after the wedding when things slowed down to do it. And maybe we shouldn’t have. Everytime I see pictures of a groom getting emotional reading a love letter the day of their wedding, I wish I’d done it.

3. Doing my flowers myself. I love flowers. And I was not scared to do my own. I knew I wouldn’t want to do my own bouquets the day before (too much) but I did do my own centerpieces. They were simple. If you want to read more about them, there’s a blog about it, here. 

But in the end, they took way more time than I thought they would and it’s time I could have used to enjoy the opportunity to be with friends and family who had traveled to be with us. Plus, they made a HUGE mess! No joke. The day after my wedding I cleaned my house. Top to bottom. Which brings me to my next one…

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4. Hire a cleaning lady.  Just for the week before and after your wedding. Before our wedding we had people over all the time. I felt like I couldn’t stay on top of the cleaning. And after, well, if you are going on your honeymoon right after your wedding, have someone come in and clean while you’re gone. If you’re going to wait and go on your honeymoon a few week or even months after your wedding day (we did) nothing feels worse than coming home on your wedding night to a crazy messed up house. Spoil yourself. It’s worth it!

5. Transportation. I wish I had spent the money and had a car to bring us back and forth to our venue. Even if we’d Ubered our way there, but had a big car to take us and the girls home. When our wedding night was over I got in my car with my daughter. Richie got in his car with his daughter (and 4 of her friends) and we drove home separately! Seriously. At the time it was funny. And even now, it’s funny. But we were so conscious of staying on budget we never really considered that was how the night would end. Crazy!

If you enjoyed reading about my wedding day regrets, you might wanna check out this blog on the things that go wrong at weddings. Every wedding has something go-script. Sometimes it’s big and sometimes it’s not. And sometimes it’s fixable, and sometimes it becomes one of your best wedding day memories.

And if you are interested in speaking to me about I can help you to avoid any wedding day regrets, Contact me! I’d love to chat!

2 Comments on “Wedding Day Regrets

  1. When we got married, I had this insane idea that we were going to DIY everything… including the wedding cake. It didn’t seem like a big deal to me (even though I can’t cook or bake to save my life). I ended up admitting defeat and we bought tons of Wegman’s dessert (which hilariously, a few people told me it was the best wedding cake they’ve ever had). Looking back, that totally could have been our biggest wedding mistake!

    I did end up doing our flowers (minus the bouquets). They turned out gorgeous, I love everything about them, but I spent HOURS the day before the wedding putting them together and totally underestimated how long it would take. My back was aching by the end. I can’t say I regret it or would change it if I had a do-over… but I totally can sympathize with the time suck and taking you away from other (more fun!) things.


    • Oh, Kelli!!! It’s so true! I loved my flowers. But the time spent at such a special time on that could have been better spent!!! 😊😉


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