All the Rage: NJ Pop Up Wedding

So, every now and then I see a wedding trend that I think will simply come and go, and not soon enough (think puffy 80’s sleeves… ). But Pop-Up weddings are something I’ve seen a lot of lately, and I’m seriously hoping to see more of… and I can. not. wait. to plan my first one!!! So, if you’re considering one, let me know. There’s a very good chance I’ll plan it for you so that I can be there to witness it!!! If you are considering an elopement, then a pop-up reception for you and your lover is the perfect way to amp up the “special factor.” And if you want to invite a few guests, then it’s a great way to celebrate in a low-key, yet glamorous way without spending a ton. So, get ready because I’m about to tell you the best vendors to reach out to if this seems right up your alley! And I can’t wait to see the results of a NJ Pop Up wedding!

So what, exactly is a pop-up wedding?

Imagine glam camping ticked up a notch, with a private chef and gorgeous tented accommodations with beautiful outdoor seating hours to enjoy the landscape and experience in an incredibly memorable way!

I always love the idea of a Long Beach Island wedding. And the quintessential LBI landmark is Ol’ Barney (the lighthouse in Barnegat Light). So, wouldn’t it be perfect to plan an elopement at the lighthouse and have a small pop up reception afterwards!

What companies provide Pop-up Weddings in NJ?

Wanderland Rentals 

Located in Asbury Park, but willing to travel to LBI, Wanderland Rentals offers all kinds of cool funky vintage options for your pop-up reception!

Rustic Drift

Rustic drift is local to LBI and they provide all kinds of fun and rustic items that you can use to create an amazing wedding experience that will wow you.

So go crazy, and live wild!

Maybe a pop-up reception looks like the perfect wedding for you. For me, it’s totally on my anniversary/vow renewal bucket list. It’s the perfect alternative to a trip to Hawaii and yet, it would feel like such an incredibly special way to celebrate a special occasion.

If you love the idea of a pop-up wedding, join our mailing list! We won’t go crazy sending you tons of emails (one a week is plenty, right!) and you will get some pretty incredible and valuable information right in your mailbox. We are going to be sending out guide to LBI weddings in just a few weeks!!!

Wedding Day Regrets

My Biggest Wedding Regrets

Looking back at my wedding photography always makes me so happy. It’s been a while now, and I still look back at the emotion of that day, and there’s so much that makes me just over-the-moon-teary-eyed-happy. In fact, you couldn’t have whipped the smile off my face all day. But there are a few things, especially now that I’m fully immersed in the wedding industry that I wish I had done differently, and  a few things I wish I had done that I didn’t. So, here you are (in no particular order): My 5 Biggest Wedding Regrets.

  1. Engagement Photos. I really wish Richie and I had engagement photos done. I love my photographer. Alex from Idalia Photography is a good friend. And long before she photographed my wedding, I knew she was tremendously talented, and would be fun to hang out with. So it wasn’t that I didn’t have a photographer. It was more about my own stupid hang-ups. I wanted to look ammmmmmazing. And silly me, I didn’t feel like I was in my best shape when I got engaged. I did by the time we got married. But you know what time does? It has a way of giving you perspective. And I would have looked great. Plus, hair and makeup have a way of making you feel amazing! I should have done this. Plus, they would have been really cute incorporated into our Save the Date.This is also a great way to get to know your photographer better. I was lucky to know, without a doubt, that I would be comfortable on my wedding day with Alex, not everyone is used to it. And as comfortable as I was with Alex, I still felt a little weird getting into some of the positions and poses she asked of me. An engagement photo shoot would have given me a chance to practice! And even though they felt awkward, they all turned out gorg! Like this one…. Really, I should sit like that way more often!

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2. A Groom’s Gift. I should have written Richie a love letter to open and read on our wedding day. We did write our own vows. And at the time, I thought this was the same, but it’s really not. I should have got him something small, nothing extravagant. We gave each other gifts, but we waited until after the wedding when things slowed down to do it. And maybe we shouldn’t have. Everytime I see pictures of a groom getting emotional reading a love letter the day of their wedding, I wish I’d done it.

3. Doing my flowers myself. I love flowers. And I was not scared to do my own. I knew I wouldn’t want to do my own bouquets the day before (too much) but I did do my own centerpieces. They were simple. If you want to read more about them, there’s a blog about it, here. 

But in the end, they took way more time than I thought they would and it’s time I could have used to enjoy the opportunity to be with friends and family who had traveled to be with us. Plus, they made a HUGE mess! No joke. The day after my wedding I cleaned my house. Top to bottom. Which brings me to my next one…

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4. Hire a cleaning lady.  Just for the week before and after your wedding. Before our wedding we had people over all the time. I felt like I couldn’t stay on top of the cleaning. And after, well, if you are going on your honeymoon right after your wedding, have someone come in and clean while you’re gone. If you’re going to wait and go on your honeymoon a few week or even months after your wedding day (we did) nothing feels worse than coming home on your wedding night to a crazy messed up house. Spoil yourself. It’s worth it!

5. Transportation. I wish I had spent the money and had a car to bring us back and forth to our venue. Even if we’d Ubered our way there, but had a big car to take us and the girls home. When our wedding night was over I got in my car with my daughter. Richie got in his car with his daughter (and 4 of her friends) and we drove home separately! Seriously. At the time it was funny. And even now, it’s funny. But we were so conscious of staying on budget we never really considered that was how the night would end. Crazy!

If you enjoyed reading about my wedding day regrets, you might wanna check out this blog on the things that go wrong at weddings. Every wedding has something go-script. Sometimes it’s big and sometimes it’s not. And sometimes it’s fixable, and sometimes it becomes one of your best wedding day memories.

And if you are interested in speaking to me about I can help you to avoid any wedding day regrets, Contact me! I’d love to chat!

Bonnet Island Estate Wedding

Alyssa & Bob | Wedding Day Management

Alyssa’s mom called me late last summer while I was sitting on the beach enjoying one of those sweet end of the summer days. My daughter was playing in the surf. I was sitting under my umbrella. When my phone rang and Kelly and began talking I could tell we were going to work well together. I was so pleased when she shared with me that she had been following my blog and loved my work. Her daughter was getting married in early December and she wanted some help pulling final details together and ensuring that everything would run smoothly on the day of Alyssa and Bob’s wedding planned for December at Bonnet Island Estate, on of LBI’s dream venues. What a great way to end the summer! Last month I shared Alyssa and Bob’s wedding day inspiration, and a few weeks ago I shared some of the pictures I took on the day of their wedding, but today, I am so excited, because their pictures from Jessica Erb Photography are in. And it’s stunning. Super stunning. So with no further ado, here are a few of my favorites from Alyssa and Bob’s Bonnet Island Estate wedding.

The Bonnet Island Estate Salon

Alyssa’s day started in the Bonnet Island Salon getting ready. And they had so much fun. Alyssa and her girls (not to mention her mom, grandmother, and aunt) looked super adorbs and comfortable in their matching red plaid monogrammed shirts. And there may have been some holiday themed glasses with mimosa…. just sayin’. How cool is it that the Estate has its own salon space which is large, spacious, and perfect for lounging around while getting all beautified?! It’s got great light, too, which makes it a makeup artist and hair stylist’s dream. And the ladies from Tre Chic Salon in Forked River did an amazing job, and they were a blast to hang out with!


The Bridal Suite

After getting ready, it was bridal portrait time. The bridal suite at Bonnet Island Estate is spectacular. It has tons of window which make for great natural light and the views from those windows, of Barnegat Bay, are breath taking. It’s made the prefect back drop for Alyssa in her dress. And the perfect place  for Jessica Erb to work her magic!


Florals by Every Bloomin’ Thing

The Groom and His Men

Bob and his boys got dressed in a separate room in Bonnet Island Estate before going out to meet Alyssa for their first look.


Bonnet Island Estate First Look

Alyssa and Bob’s first look was a cold and windy one, but you would never know if from the end result. They just look so perfect together. And warm. But love has a way of doing that!


The Ceremony

Alyssa and Bob left the Estate and traveled to St. Pius X Church in Forked River, NJ where they had a beautiful ceremony. With small details and beautiful florals by Every Bloomin’ Thing.


Florals by Every Bloomin’ Thing
Florals by Every Bloomin’ Thing
Florals by Every Bloomin’ Thing


Bonnet Island Estate Reception Details

Alyssa and Bob returned to Bonnet Island Estate for their reception and there are two details which really stick out in my mind. First, the smell. They had the brilliant idea to use scented candles as part of their decor. And they chose seasonal scent of evergreen and mistletoe. I’ve never been able to say that a wedding reception smelled as good as it looked. But their’s was truly a treat for the senses. Second, their hand-lettered gold mirror seating chart created by Wanderlove Press. It was a total show stopper!

Florals by Every Bloomin’ Thing


Hand Lettered Sign by Wanderlove Press
Florals by Every Bloomin’ Thing
Florals by Every Bloomin’ Thing
Florals by Every Bloomin’ Thing

The reception was gorgeous and I love their table scape design! They used two different centerpiece designs. One was a DIY’d centerpiece. Tall with wood, pinecones, and antlers created by the bride’s aunt. The other was a low centerpice filled with gorgeous flowers set into a box of wood and bark. The table numbers were attached to the biggest pinecones I’ve ever seen and painted gold. The effect was totally gorgeous!


Florals by Every Bloomin’ Thing


And They Lived Happily Ever After

It was such a pleasure to work with Alyssa and Bob and their family’s on such an amazing wedding! I had so much fun and the result was such a beautiful beginning to celebrate Alyssa and Bob’s wedding! I can’t wait to see what the future holds for them but I know it is something special!

Florals by Every Bloomin’ Thing
Florals by Every Bloomin’ Thing
Florals by Every Bloomin’ Thing
Florals by Every Bloomin’ Thing
Florals by Every Bloomin’ Thing
Florals by Every Bloomin’ Thing

The Creative Team

Ceremony Venue | ST. PIUS X CHURCH
Ceremony Musician | JOSEPH DALTON
DJ & Photo Booth | UNIVERSAL DJs
Makeup | POLISHU
Transportation | ARRIVE IN STYLE
Calligraphy & Signage | WANDERLOVE PRESS, INC.
Custom Dessert Forks | WOODEN HIVE

If you enjoyed reading about the details of Alyssa and Bob’s Bonnet Island Estate wedding, then check out my other blogs on their wedding day and the inspiration for their winter wedding design!

As always, Loving Love in Barnegat, Jeanne

Lindsay & Andrew’s NJ Shore Wedding

NJ Wedding Planner | Full Wedding Planning

November 26, 2016

Lindsay and Andrew were such a blast to work with. I began working with Lindsay shortly after she and Andrew got engaged. Lindsay is this super-sweet, bubbly, fun, easy-to-laugh, gorgeous (inside and out) young woman who was worried about getting everything done that needed to get done. She had a vision for her wedding day, and just needed someone to execute. And that’s where I came in! Andrew is a little quieter, until you get him out of his shell (or t-shirt). I had the privilege of working closely with them both as their NJ Shore wedding planner. And it was a blast! Before the holidays, I told you all about their flowers because I couldn’t wait. Today, I want to tell you all about their wedding. Every fun detail! Including more amazing gorgeous floral images from the brilliant Alex Peterson at Idalia Photography.

The Invitations

Lindsay and Andrew chose a classical design for their invites and it set the tone for their paper coordination. It’s really important to choose your invites with a mindfulness that allows you to add other pieces later on that will fit the style you ave already chosen. Lindsay and Andrew had their invitations, wedding program, the insert for the welcome bags, and their details card all laid out by Holland Designs. And the results were gorgeous. White and blush papers with silver and black ink. Plus a tiny amount of bling, ’cause who doesn’t like bling, right?!?

And I’m in love with Alex’s styling of the invitation package using flowers that I gave her. I always like to save a few for the photographer to use while styling details shots. They always look so beautiful with a few fresh flowers added in. And I knew Lindsay would appreciate it incorporated into her photography, she must’a said a thousand times, “Flowers make everything look better!” And she’s totally right!!!

View More:

Welcome Package insert

The Rings, sooooo OMG!

So, every bride should have a gorgeous shot of their ring bling! Lindsay has a beautiful shot in her Mrs. Box accented with pink spray roses. I love working with talented vendors, and I love supplying them with flowers they can use to enhance their own work!

View More:

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The Floral Personals

I wrote all about Lindsay and Andrew’s personal wedding flowers here. But I can’t help it, I had to show you a few more pictures.

View More:

pink rose and wax flower boutonniere with dusty miller

boutonnieres with freesia and wax flower

Getting Ready

Lindsay spent the morning getting ready with her girls at Salon Blush, and even created a manikin challenge! They all wore monogrammed shorts, and her flower girls and bridesmaids just enjoyed getting ready, relaxing, and not worrying about a thing!

Wedding Day Highlights-0003.jpg

Once the ladies returned to the Inn on Main, they began getting dressed. And every little detail was just pure gorgeousness.

The Ceremony

Lindsay and Andrew got married by Father Bill at the Church of St. Denis in Manasquan, NJ. And let me just say, Father Bill is my fav. He spoke beautifully about Lindsay and Andrew, and created beautiful ceremony that they will enjoy seeing in the future. The church was beautifully decorated with blush ribbon tied hydrangea, large organic arrangements at the beginning of the aisle, and a third beneath the altar.

05 Ceremony-16.jpg

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But my ultimate favorite moment of the day, in fact maybe one of my top ten wedding planner moments ever, was the look on Andrew’s face when he saw Lindsay walking down the aisle. The tears. And his complete inability to wait, forcing him to meet her half way up the aisle. It was such a sweet genuine moment that showed the love these two have for one another with perfect clarity.


The bridal party looked classic and beautiful. The ring “security” was incredibly cute and very serious about his job! The flower girls looked beautiful carried a small hand-lettered banner that I created. Later they switched to flower poms.


It never fails, but every single wedding exit gets me, and this one was no exception. I loved the photos of Lindsay and Andrew leaving the church. Thankfully all the “flower petals” were biodegradable!

Grand Exit after getting married

NJ Shore Wedding Portraits

I love it when a bride and groom ask me to incorporate a special moment into their wedding day timeline. And for Lindsay and Andrew, it was a  moment to go to Leggett’s, the bar where they first met. And how adorbs is this resulting pic???!!!

View More:

Then they went to Spring Lake, and took some beautiful pictures in the park. And despite the wind and chill, they looked amazing.

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The Reception at Doolan’s Shore Club

What a beautiful reception. And, OMG! What a party! Brian Kirk and the Jerks did not disappoint, and there was not one single second without people enjoying themselves all over that dance floor!!!

View More:

And They Lived…Happily Ever After

View More:

View More:

The Creative Team

If you want to read about more In-House Floral design by Bogath Weddings and Events, read about Danielle and Carl’s wedding here. And if you loved Lindsay and Andrew’s wedding, and you’re like me (I just can’t get enough of it!) You can read my previous post all about their florals about it here. And if you’re interested in having NJ Shore wedding planner Bogath Weddings and Events for yourself, just Contact me! I can’t wait to hear from you!


Bonnet Island Estate Wedding | Alyssa & Bob

Bonnet Island Estate in LBO Winter wedding bride and groom at their reception

Bonnet Island Estate Wedding

You know a wedding is gonna be brimming over with gorgeousness when the venue is Bonnet Island Estate. Bonnet Island Estate is located on Bonnet Island in Manahawkin, NJ. But don’t let that fool you, this is one of the crown jewels of LBI’s collection of wedding venues. And if I had my pick (and enough guests to fill it) I would have chosen Bonnet Island Estate for my own wedding. It is as stunning inside, as it is out! And what was one of my favorite things about Alyssa and Bob’s wedding, besides their venue choice? I love the time of year they chose for their wedding. December. A few weeks ago, I shared with you the inspiration for Alyssa & Bob’s big day, if you wanna check it out, here it is. All their planning came together beautifully.

One of my favorite elements of their day was the entrance decor and their seating chart. A few months ago, Alyssa had asked if I could recommend a calligrapher who could do a mirror seating chart. And, OMG, did Kelli at Wanderlove Press deliver! And the garland, bows, and floral swag by Every Bloomin’ Thing was stunning and a total show stopper! Every single person who entered saw it, stopped, and oohed and ahhed!

Bonnet Island Estate Seating Chart by Wanderlove Press
Florals by Every Bloomin’ Thing
Table Seating Chart hand lettered by Wanderlove Press at Bonnet Island Estate
Florals by Every Bloomin’ Thing

December is a time where so many people can get caught up in the holiday stress and the hustle and bustle. But it’s lovely to take an evening to celebrate the love of a happy young couple who promise to spend every holiday season with each other for the rest of their lives. Their families celebrated with them. It was such a pleasure working through out the planning process with the bride’s mom, Kelly. And it was such a joy to see a large family celebrate together!

Every wedding has a favorite moment for me. And at Alyssa & Bob’s wedding, it was their first dance. The smiles on their faces could be seen for miles!

Happy Bride at Wedding reception at Bonnet Island Estate in LBI

wedding reception at Bonnet Island Estate in LBI

The reception space was also brimming with gorgeousness. I will be blogging again in a few weeks about some of my favorite details. Everything from huge pine cone table numbers to gorgeous rustic centerpieces.

But for now, I want to share Alyssa and Bob’s sweet heart table. It was sooooooo pretty.

Bonnet Island Estate wedding sweetheart table

And on the sweetheart table… the custom vintage hand-stamped (with their wedding date) dessert forks I sent them as part of the Bogath Wedding and Events welcome package from Wooden Hive.


I also had a blast working with Jessica Erb from Jessica Erb Photography. And if these snap shots of her working are any indication, the final pictures are gonna be to-die-for. I can’t wait to share them with you!!!

Bonnet Island Estate Wedding
Florals by Every Bloomin’ Thing
Jessia Erb working at Bonnet Island Estate
Florals by Every Bloomin’ Thing

The Creative Team

Ceremony Venue | ST. PIUS X CHURCH
Ceremony Musician | JOSEPH DALTON
DJ & Photo Booth | UNIVERSAL DJs
Makeup | POLISHU
Transportation | ARRIVE IN STYLE
Calligraphy & Signage | WANDERLOVE PRESS, INC.
Custom Dessert Forks | WOODEN HIVE

If you enjoyed this Bonnet Island Estate Wedding, stay tuned, because I will be sharing more from it in the next few weeks. I just can’t help myself, it was too gorgeous! Loving Love in Barnegat, Jeanne


Paul & Karen’s 45th Anniversary Party

This weekend my family celebrated a really special milestone for my parents. On December 19th, my parents, Karen and Paul celebrated their 45th wedding anniversary. I told you all about their love story last week on the blog. And this week I’m going to show you how we celebrated that love story!

We started with invitations. My sister and I brain-stormed a few ideas, but settled on a rustic winter theme with gold accents. We wanted the party to have a seasonal feel, but we didn’t want to go too overboard and risk having it feel like a Christmas party. We also leaned towards pinecones for two reasons. First, I used to make pine cone wreaths with my mom growing up (so I know she likes them), and second, a huge pine tree had fallen last winter and my sister knew exactly where to gather an enormous number of pinecones (free decor!).  She gathered them up with her son, George, and at my father’s birthday (the last time we were all together) she had all the grandkids help her break them off branches and separate them by size and type. Here is a look at the invitations.

 I took all those pine cones and used them a few different ways while styling the different set-ups for the party. First, I spray painted a bunch of them gold to use as place cards. In addition, my mom had specifically requested a close up shot of her and my father’s wedding rings. And I used the request as a chance to test out my new camera (the huz got me a Canon Rebel with a 50mm lens for the holidays—I was allowed to open it up and use it for the party, but had to give it back for it to be wrapped and left under the tree).

I also took simple glass vases and filled the middle size with pinecones. I put a small amount of gold stone in the bottom, just to give it a little bit more color and interest. I wrapped some jute around the vase and tied a tag onto it to correspond with the table number. I chose to name the tables after important years in my parent’s marriage. I may have been the only one to get this tiny detail, but there’s a good chance my mom noticed. Their table, 1971, for the year they were married. My table was 1975, for the year I was born. There were a few other important years, I’m just giving you the most…


As soon as you entered Kate & Ally’s (a small restaurant and caterer in Forked River, NJ) there was a table that we used to place different items that were important to my parents and that were fun to look back at. We had the “Bride’s Notebook” my mom used to plan her wedding. She also used it to keep track of RSVP’s and thank you notes. It was really interesting to look back and notice how the planning process has changed and to see the types of gifts people gave back then. Other items on the memory table included my parent’s wedding album and the chalice in which they took communion during their wedding mass. We added a bunch of decorations, cards, and the guest book from their 25th wedding anniversary party. My favorite decoration was the Christmas trees made by my grandmother that were used as centerpieces. I still bring mine out every year for the holidays.

The guest book was one of my favorite design elements. A slice of wood with a hand-lettered quote, “No winter is too cold if you have enough love.” Here’s the before and after…

But, as with any good party, the highlight was spending time with friends and family who traveled from near and far to celebrate this milestone with them. We had so much fun!

Here are my parents with all the kids cutting their cake!


And before the afternoon was through, Kate & Ally’s set up a hot chocolate bar, complete with candy canes, cookies, and marshmallows (shaped like snowmen) for the kids, and Bailey’s Irish Cream and Kalua for the adults.

And the results… well, they were priceless.

hot-coco-bar-04hot-coco-bar-06And really…in the end. That’s what it’s all about. Making memories.

Lindsay & Andrew | NJ Wedding Flowers

Lindsay and Andrew’s NJ Wedding Flowers Details

Lindsay and Andrew came to my home last summer to talk details and specifics. I had already been working with them to plan their dream NJ shore wedding. They had done some of their planning themselves, but needed help pulling everything together. We had been hashing out details and talking about big ideas. They had booked their venue, and Brian Kirk and the Jerks (OMG! What a party). But, they had run into one little hiccup… OK, not a little hiccup. They couldn’t find a florist (that they liked) who was also able to book them for their Thanksgiving weekend wedding (Thanksgiving is one of the busiest flower holidays!). Lindsay and Andrew surprised me by asking me to do their flowers! I love flowers, but I have only become more experienced with them in the past year. We sat on my back patio, and had a lot of laughs that night (and maybe a glass of wine). Lindsay and I joked about wedding stress while Andrew and my husband bonded over a love of peanut butter. And we came up with the inspiration for their wedding flowers.

Over the next few weeks, Lindsay and I went back and forth with ideas. We almost broke Pintrest. We made a list of flowers Lindsay loved. I cross-referenced her list with flowers that would be available in late November. We talked a lot about garden roses. We talked about different flowers and greens that could be mixed in that would help keep costs in check without sacrificing gorgeousness. We tried to figure out how certain pieces could pull double duty between the ceremony and the reception.

It took some time, but Lindsay and I were able to come up with a flower list that would make any flower lover swoon, and anyone who doesn’t love flowers, fall in love.

So what flowers did we choose?

  • David Austin Garden Roses: You can’t go wrong with garden roses. Ever. We chose white and blush varieties. The whites would go in the bridesmaids bouquets while the pink would go in Lindsay’s.
  • Mini White Calla Lilis: These small white Callas are gorgeous. And they are sturdy. They work great in both bouquets and boutonnières.
  • Lisianthus doubles in blush and white: These flowers are just stunning. Simple white blooms, they are delicate, but sturdy enough to last in a bouquet. They have two blooms on each stem, so you get a little more bang-for-your-buck.
  • Blush wax Flower This has become one of my new favorites. Sturdy and pink, and perfect for the season since it has a slight, not overwhelming, evergreen scent, but no sap (so it doesn’t make a mess. It’s an amazing substitute for baby’s breath. And it’s the same cost.
  • Freesia: I love freesia. They smell, OMG, so good. And they hold up like a dream, making them perfect for corsage work and boutonnières.
  • Silver Brunia: These are tiny and rustic. They gave a nice bit of texture and contrast to the bouquet.
  • Hydrangea: Huge white hydrangea blooms are a great wedding staple. They are cost-effective, but this time of year, they also hold up really well.
  • Dusty Miller: The green to “hold it all together.” Dusty Miller is perfect for winter weddings with it’s soft (seriously, it’s kinda fuzzy) texture and silvery green color.

And the Results for Lindsay & Andrew’s NJ Wedding Flowers Were Stunning!

Here’s a look at their ceremony flowers photographed by the genius, Alexandra Peterson of Idalia Photography. Every other pew at St. Denis had a hydrangea with blush ribbon on it. And the entrance was decorated with bundles of wax flower. The entrance to the church had a large hand-written sign, covered in a garland swag made from wax flower, eucalyptus and dusty miller.

Welcome Sign with floral garland

Ceremony decor for NJ Shore wedding

Ring Bearer walking down the aisle

Grand Exit after getting married

Lindsay and Andrew’s Personals

Lindsay’s bouquet had tons of pink garden roses, lisianthus, and white mini calla lilies. NJ-Wedding-Florist-05.jpg

Andrew’s boutonnière had dusty miller, wax flower, and a single pink spray rose. The groom’s men swapped the pink spray rose for white freesia to match the white of the bridesmaids bouquets.

bridal bouquet in pink

Lindsay wanted her bouquet to be full of pinks and blush tones, while the bridesmaids’ bouquets were to be more white. Each of the bridesmaid’s bouquets started with hydrangea, and then I added additional floral elements. I don’t know if I’d recommend hydrangea in the hot August sun. But in November, they are a great addition to wedding work. The bouquets looked great even at the end of the night, by which time they’d been out of water for 6 hours!



The results were beautiful fand-tied organic bouquets which complimented Lindsay and Andrews wedding perfectly.

bridal party bouquets

At the Reception

At the recetion, we used tons of huge tall silver candelabras supplied by Doolan’s Shore Club. They worked out perfectly with a tone of hydrangea, wax flower, and dusty miller.

View More:

The Creative Team

If you want to read about more In-House Floral design by Bogath Weddings and Events, read about Danielle and Carl’s wedding here. And get ready, because I can promise you, there will be more to come! Because soon, very soon, BWE will be launching a new package: In-House Floral design. Stay tuned for all the flower-gorgeous details!

Love Stories: Karen & Paul

It’s been a while since I’ve written one of my Love Stories Series blog posts. But, no doubt, I’ve returned with my all-time favorite: My parents. Karen and Paul are getting ready to celebrate 45 years of marriage. And, while there’s no doubt their marriage has been one with its fair-share of trial and tribulation, my parents remain an example of what it means to be married in the truest sense.

How They Met

My parent’s first met at the home of my mom’s best friend, Ruth. Later we would all know her as Aunt Ruth. She earned the title for her pivotal role, and for the wonderful example of life-long friendship and support she has provided my mother. Ruth was hosting a Halloween party. My father arrived dressed as a nun. My mother was wearing a pair of scrubs and stethoscope she had looted from my grandfather’s supply. My father and mother caught each other’s eyes. And like magic, sort-of, my father decided to ask her out.

What happened next is a story with several variations. But none of the following facts can be disputed:

  1. My father showed up at my grandparent’s house, and was greeted by no fewer than six of my mom’s seven brothers. And he still went to the door.
  2. My father showed up with ANOTHER woman, and asked my mom if she would mind if he dropped her off on their way out to dinner. (It was on the way.)
  3. My mom agreed!!!
  4. They dropped my father’s early afternoon date off before going on their evening date (here’s where there is some dispute. My father denies she was a date, just a friend. My mother says she couldn’t have been a friend, or she would have met her again at some point.) I believe they both have valid perspectives. Neither of which matter, but do provide ample teasing on the part of their children. Mostly of my father and his “player” credibility.

They Fell In Love

My mom says she knew pretty quickly that she loved my father. My father claims it took a little longer.

The Proposal Story

My father proposed to my mother in his parent’s kitchen. On a side note: my Richie proposed to me in my kitchen as well…apparently there’s something genetic on my mother’s side that makes a man wanna commit for life in view of kitchen appliances. My mom and dad were at my grandparent’s house checking on things while my grandparents were on vacation. My dad, ever-so-suave, pushed my mom up against the fridge and asked, “Would you want to marry me?” Apparently, she did.

The Wedding Day

My parents got married on December 19, 1971. My mom wanted only to pick out a dress. She let my grandmother do pretty much everything else. My grandmother even registered my parents for their china and silver. My mom claims she just didn’t care, she only wanted to get married—in a pretty dress. You can’t blame her. And in an age where Pintrest wasn’t even a blip on the horizon, weddings were a pretty standard affair. Their venue was already decorated for christmas. My mom’s favorite decoration: a motorized Santa that would reach out and grab a passer-by’s booty. If you want to read about a few of the things that went wrong on their wedding day…read this blog about their wedding where I wrote about every wedding has “problems” and that’s what makes the memories.

Check out these images from their wedding album! I remember spending so much time as a kid thumbing through these pages. My parent’s were always willing to sit down and talk about their wedding day, and what little girl wouldn’t have just oooooohhhh’ed at that dress!!! I still giglle a smidge at my grandmother’s boufant.

My mother and grandmother getting ready. My mom fixing my grandfather’s tie. If you don’t chose to get your photos printed or to get yourself an album, let me just say that I love having these pictures to look through. I remember looking at them every year with my parents on their anniversary. And this year will be no different. It’s so much fun to see the way things were. The way my parents have changed physically, but still show the same love and commitment for one another.

My mom with her parents, and my parents with both sets of grandparents. I am so lucky to have access to these photos. I miss my grandparents so much. And seeing these pictures… well. It’s a treasure.


I love that my mom chose fur muffs instead of bridesmaid bouquets! And, her bridesmaids all sewed their own dresses!!!


My grandfather is holding the dark green velvet cap my mom sewed herself! This is the font door, that only six months before my father had walked up to to take my mother out for the first time. I recognize it. It’s the house my grandparents lived in for most of my childhood. A gorgeous old tutor on Nottingham Way in Hillside. I hope whoever gets to live in that big old house today has filled it with as much love as my grandparents did!

The church ceremony. It was the Advent season. And my mom was slightly horrified (and then laughed) at the huge banner saying “REPENT” on the alter.


Exiting the church. And that’s my Uncle Paul on the left. He was seven years old. Nineteen years younger than my mom, who was the oldest of nine. They look so happy! And they were!



And there, on the left. Well, that’s the Santa that would get fresh with you if you walked too close!

Karen & Paul’s Life Together

My parents are going to celebrate their 45th wedding anniversary next week. In fact, we are throwing a party. I will be blogging their winter rustic pine cone anniversary party. Here they are at my wedding last year, surrounded by the family they’ve created. We like to get a little bit goofy!

View More:
Photo by Idalia Photography
View More:
Photo by Idalia Photography

Bonnet Island Estate Winter Wedding Inspiration

Bonnet Island Estate Winter Wedding

Alyssa and Bob are getting married this Friday and I am totally ready for all the pretty! Bring. It. On! You all know I love the shore. I mean it. Seriously, it’s my zen. Anytime I get to help plan and manage a wedding on LBI, I am so happy to get to spend a day working surrounded by the bays and ocean. And their Bonnet Island Estate winter wedding is going to be, hands-down, a dream. The bonus: I also get to witness people making a life long commitment to love and care for one another!

Alyssa and Bob’s wedding will not disappoint! They have chosen a beautiful venue. Bonnet Island is totally gorgeous! It’s surrounded by breathtaking views of Barnegat Bay. The Estate has a charming rustic feel. With shaker siding and a soft blue-gray exterior, the Estate just makes you feel calm.


And because it’s the holiday season, but you don’t want to go red-gold-santa-crazy, they’ve chosen beautiful accents with evergreen, gold, and pine cones. Check out the gorgeous inspiration board I created for Alyssa. It’s simple, classy, and winter-elegant. In fact, winter-elegant may be one of my new favorite wedding themes.

Alyssa and Bob’s Bonnet Island Winter Wedding Inspiration


I have no doubt that one of my favorite details is going to be the mirror hand-calligraphy seating chart created by Kelli at Wanderlove Press, Inc. Here’s a glimpse at her inspiration. I can’t wait to share the final version of lovely she has been working on for the past few weeks!


The Creative Team

Ceremony Venue | ST. PIUS X CHURCH
Ceremony Musician | JOSEPH DALTON
DJ & Photo Booth | UNIVERSAL DJs
Makeup | POLISHU
Transportation | ARRIVE IN STYLE
Calligraphy & Signage | WANDERLOVE PRESS, INC.

If you enjoyed this preview of Alyssa and Bob’s Bonnet Island Estate Winter Wedding inspiration, be sure to hang out for the recap of their wedding! I can’t wait! In the meantime, check out Kathleen and Richard’s Little Egg Harbor Yacht Club Wedding!

Little Egg Harbor Yacht Club Wedding | Kathleen & Richard

Congratulations Kathleen and Richard on your Little Egg Harbor Yacht Club Wedding! Your wedding at the Little Egg Harbor Yacht Club on LBI on September 10th was simply stunning and one of my all time favorites! I don’t know what it was! Maybe it was the stunning views? Or, the antique Schwinn bicycle built for two (rented from Rustic Drift)?

Pictures by Ashley Mac Photography

Maybe it was your entrance to your reception on a sailboat?!

Or (and most likely) the sweet loving moments between the two of you!

I had such a great time helping you to plan your big day and then the privilege of watching all our combined efforts turn into the perfect wedding celebration with all of your family and friends, who had such a blast! I am so happy for you both!

And these images, captured with such beauty by Ashley Mac Photography, make it look like you stepped off the pages of J. Crew!

Kathleen’s day began getting ready at the mayor of Beach Haven’s home, which had been lent to the couple for the day. The home was like visiting an art museum! Filled with all kinds of art and crafts, and rather large collection of duck decoys. If you’re a Jersey girl, or you’ve spent a lot of time in Ocean County hanging out at the shore and visiting craft shows, you would instantly recognize the beauty and skill evident in this beautiful collection of artwork throughout the home.



Kathleen and RIchard’s invitations were a beautiful nautical suite with artwork created by the groom! I love the sweet details Richard included in the day. He was a DIY’er like no other groom I’ve ever met. And his work was really good!

A wedding celebration should be filled with wonderful moments, and their celebration had so many thoughtful loving touches.

Beach Haven, NJ, LBI bridal party getting ready
Pictures by Ashley Mac Photography

I have to say: Richard is a true romantic. He was involved in a ton of sweet loving gestures and design elements that he incorporated into your big day! The sailboat model he built with the sails that served as the guest book.

The origami boats that were used as your escort cards and nautical flag table numbers.

The decorations on your sweetheart table, the cake stand.

They all made for such a unique experience for your family and friends, and they will become mementos of a fun wonderful day filled with celebration among family and friends. And perhaps heirlooms for the next generation to use at their wedding. I have no doubt, that was part of the plan. Tradition and family were clearly a very important part of the day. My favorite detail: Kathleen and Richard used a cake topper that has been on top of every wedding cake in his family since the 1920s (you can tell, it’s 1920’s design, for sure!) They swapped it out later for their own cake topper, but it was so sweet to see a family tradition being honored.

They even had some of their lime light hydrangea centerpieces placed in Richard’s family’s yachting trophies. And the party was pretty intense! I’ve never seen a bride and groom enjoy popping champagne as much as these two did! And you really can’t blame them. There are not too many champagne-spraying moments in life–shouldn’t your wedding be one of them?!? Just take a word of advice, one I’m sure Richard would echo: wear eye protection or be certain to point the bottle away from your self. No worries, there wasn’t a black eye the next day!


Little Egg Harbor Yacht Club Wedding Vendors

Congratulations Kathleen & Richard! May you both enjoy many wonderful years to come with the Bay as your backdrop and the wind to your back!

Loving Love in Barnegat, J

I hope you enjoyed these Little Egg Harbor Yacht Club Wedding as much as I enjoyed sharing them with you today! Are you planning a yacht club wedding on LBI? Contact me, I’d love to be your NJ Wedding Planner. Check out the inspiration for Richard and Kathleen’s Big Day here!

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