Little Egg Harbor Wedding

Kathleen & Richard: September 10, 2016

I honestly cannot say enough about how much my husband and I (and our moms) love Jeanne. We first met with her about 11 months prior to our wedding for a meet and greet and to review our venue. Right from the very beginning, we knew that Jeanne would make our wedding perfect. We came to our initial meeting with a bunch of ideas, and Jeanne took them and ran. Her ideas blew us out of the water and really enhanced the vision we had for our wedding (the tandem bike she suggested we incorporate actually produced some of our favorite photos!). In the months leading up to our wedding, Jeanne stayed in touch- making sure our vendor list was complete and making some suggestions. As we got closer to the big day, Jeanne became invaluable. When you hear “day-of coordinator,” you are under the impression that the individual will help out with coordinating vendors and making sure everything looks pretty, right? Wrong. Jeanne was my go-to when I had even the most asinine questions in the months leading up to the wedding. Her response rate was incredibly quick, and I wholeheartedly trusted her answers and advice. We met with Jeanne again about a month before our wedding and really nailed down our vision for our wedding day. She helped us navigate through month-before stress and made my then-fiance and I feel confident that our wedding would be perfect (her day-of timeline and coordination with the vendors was phenomenal). Jeanne came to our rehearsal and made sure she had everything down pat, which made me feel substantially better since our priest was not the most organized person, and because we had a lot of last-minute changes.

On the day of our wedding, Jeanne’s help and guidance calmed my nerves. She met with me, the bridal party, and my then-fiance, prior to heading to the church to set up our ceremony programs and make sure everything looked good. She also coordinated with our photographer to ensure everything was set. Our ceremony was stunning. Jeanne even recorded my walk down the aisle for my grandparents who could not attend. At the reception, Jeanne had the cocktail hour decorations set out exactly as we had imagined, and make sure our table decorations were also perfect. She coordinated everyone during pictures, and then helped out prior to the bridal party boarding a boat for our arrival. Once we arrived at the reception, Jeanne made sure our day-of timeline was executed exactly as planned (including ensuring family heirlooms were out for photos and then immediately returned to their owners for safety). I had no worries about people being where they needed to be, or ensuring that everyone was well-fed. When we ran out of champagne, Jeanne found some. When we didn’t have anything with which to cut the cake, Jeanne got us a knife. When my bustle became a mess, she literally sewed a new one onto my dress. She truly allowed us to fully experience our wedding with no stress. (Sorry for the rhyming).

Our wedding would not have been as perfect as it was without Jeanne’s help. I cannot praise her enough. You will not be disappointed with her work. She truly is a blessing. I am now trying to find excuses to throw more parties down the shore so I can enlist her help again!

The Watermark Wedding

Alli & James: May 15, 2016

I hired Jeanne about 2 months before my wedding.  I originally thought I was an organized bride and was just hiring her as a safety net for just that day.  Even my future husband questioned my actions of hiring Jeanne when everything seemed figured out.  Boy were we both wrong!! Jeanne and I met and walked around the Watermark in Asbury about a month before the wedding.  Jeanne became my go to girl and a fairy godmother wrapped into one.  First she organized and contacted all my vendors. She was available throughout the day for questions through text and/or emails.  Jeanne is extremely detail oriented and because she just had a wedding of her own knew the items that might be forgotten on the big day.  She created beautiful Instagram signs, bathroom signs, and a Jenga guestbook sign.  She even surprised us on that day with a “Best Dog” sign for our boxer who attended the ceremony.  She created bathroom baskets for those quick day of fixes and also found me the perfect basket for collecting the wedding gifts.  This was all before May 15th happened.  On the morning of the wedding, Jeanne arrived at 11 am and helped me to relax while myself and my girls got ready. Jeanne then left to help prep and organize all the vendors arriving at the Watermark.  A moment I clearly remember during the day is that I turned to Jeanne right as I was about to walk down the aisle and asked Jeanne the time.  She replied “5:46…. Your one minute late now get moving”.  Jeanne became a great friend during that month.  She was there for me more than I could have ever imagined.  Please do yourself a favor and hire Jeanne today.  At the end of the wedding my husband (not being the most expressive person) stopped Jeanne in the hall and said “This might be weird but I’m going to hug you now.  You made Alli so happy and relaxed.”  And at the end of the night the first person I texted was Jeanne “Thank you so much for everything!!!! It was the best party ever and it really couldn’t have happened without you!!! I’m so happy right now!!!”  If I ever renew my vows and have another party Jeanne will be getting another call from me. 

Shadowbrook at Shrewsbury Wedding

Jill & Steve: April 23, 2016 


I wanted to thank you again for helping Steve and I with our wedding. Your ideas and organization were impeccable! All of the personalized details made the day feel so much more special and now we have special signs and tokens to keep reminding us of our special day for years to come! It was so much fun and a pleasure planning one heck of a party with you! We can’t thank you enough.

Love, Jill and Steve

Rhonda S., Mother of the Groom

When I decided to take on the task of making the programs for my son’s wedding I only considered the writing of the content and the selection of what kind of paper to use. Those things went relatively smoothly but I soon came to the realization that I needed help to create the professional final product that I was envisioning. That’s where Jeanne came in.

Jeanne formatted the program for me. In addition to fine tuning the layout that I had provided to her, she recommended ascetically pleasing fonts along with when it was appropriate to use bold and italic. Her discerning eye was paramount in rearranging and formatting headings so that the text was easy and inviting to read. Her knowledge of how to properly align the content made a huge difference in the overall appearance of the program. Jeanne designed a monogram to be included that my future daughter-in-law loved and subsequently decided to include on the seating board that she and my son were in the process of making.

And the best part of all of this, it was so much fun to collaborate with Jeanne! She fully understood my vision. Her suggestions were just that, and she consulted me regularly and really listened and respected my opinion. It was all so positive and stress free!

The result? A very beautiful wedding brochure of which I am so proud and can’t wait to share with all the guests. Thank you Jeanne, what a pleasure it has been to work with you!

Kat D., Baby Shower 

I accepted the responsibility and honor of throwing a baby shower for my best friend’s first child. I had envisioned a small gathering hosted at a home, but it quickly grew into 50-plus gathering! Even with four other girls helping with finances, our budget was still low, especially since we now needed a venue to accommodate the ever growing invite list. Ugh! Overwhelmed and freaking out, I attempted to handle it by myself. I called booked a venue, and then realized I just didn’t even know what I needed to do. There were so many details and not enough weekends to get everything done. I stumbled across an article mentioning professional party planning. Then I heard from a friend about this website and how it states, “you can’t afford not to hire me” I contacted Jeanne for a consult. After meeting with her, a weight was lifted. She had brilliant ideas, that brought tears to my eyes. She was like a Rolodex of Pinterest ideas. She has a wonderful eye and her vision matched mine.  I left feeling ten times lighter. Jeanne called and updated me on things I didn’t even think of, Details I had over looked. The day of the shower she was there on time and set up quickly. It was better than I had imagined. Everything was handled! The invites to the thank you cards, the gift table. It was a beautiful day!  Best thing I ever did, I totally enjoyed the day stress free! Thanks Jeanne!

 Karen C., Mother of the Bride

My husband and I were thrilled with Jeanne’s attention to detail and high level of professionalism. She often thought of details we had never considered and was constantly providing my daughter and I with beautiful creative solutions  to the ideas we already had, but were unsure how to execute. Her artistic touch and her economic considerations were a god-send. On the day of our daughter’s wedding, she was spot-on. And it was all due to her high level of preparation. Jeanne’s ability to plan with our venue and our vendors was amazing. Her easy-going nature and quick sense of humor kept everyone on target and at ease. The day of my daughter’s wedding my daughter was relaxed and enjoyed every moment. No worries. And I didn’t do a thing… well, that’s not entirely true. I watched my daughter marry the man of her dreams, I didn’t lift a finger, just a glass (or two), I enjoyed watching my family join with another, party, and celebrate! It doesn’t get any better!